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Service and Refurbishing of used Drawing Tools
Repair service for used drawing tool

In addition to manufacturing high quality drawing dies, we also offer a repair service for used dies. We understand that the purchase of new dies is often associated with high costs, and we would like to offer our customers a more cost-effective alternative. Through our repair services, we can extend the life of used drawing dies and restore their original performance.

Depending on the degree of wear, we offer a variety of repair services to ensure that the dies are back in optimal working order. These include regrinding and polishing the dies to restore their surface quality. We also offer recoating of the dies to increase their surface hardness and wear resistance. When wear parts in the drawing die are affected, we can repair them using steel-ceramic composite designs to extend their life and restore their functionality.

Our experienced team of professionals works closely with our customers to ensure that their specific requirements are met and that the dies are returned in perfect condition. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible solution, whether it is through the manufacture of new tools or the repair of used tools.