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Annealer contact tubes and wire guide rollers

For resistance annealing, we manufacture contact tubes and rolls of the highest quality that meet the highest precision requirements.
Our rolls are usually made of aluminum and have a non-conductive ceramic coating in the functional area of the wire guide. Our contact tubes, on the other hand, are made of steel tubing machined on all sides with a nickel coating.

  • effective layer thickness: up to 1.00 mm
  • diameter: 500 mm
  • Length: 600 mm

We are proud to offer you contact tubes of the highest quality. We manufacture our contact tubes from machined steel tubing on all sides and coat them with nickel to ensure maximum conductivity and durability. In addition, we offer our customers a comprehensive regrinding and recoating service for their contact tubes to ensure that they are always in perfect condition and perform optimally.

Our contact tubes are also available in special designs to meet our customers’ specific needs. For example, we can manufacture contact tubes with graduated, different diameters on one component to ensure they fit perfectly into their application. Our experienced team works closely with our customers to ensure that their specific requirements are met and that their contact tubes are perfectly tailored to their needs.